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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Mobile Concrete Pumps?

Mobile Concrete Pumps are trucks fitted with wet concrete pumping equipment, allowing concrete to be delivered to areas that are inaccessible to a standard mixer. Typically the trucks are fitted with a hydraulic boom, fitted with steel pipes, allowing the concrete to be pumped to elevated positions and across wide areas.

Is a driver supplied with the vehicle?

Yes. The vehicle is supplied with a fully trained operator. He will have PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) with him. Remember though that the site that you want our driver to operate in must be safe and the ground must be able to support a heavy goods vehicle.

Will I need to supply anything?

On arrival, the operator will need 1 or 2 bags of cement with which to mix a grout that will prime the pump. The machine carries its own water supply with which to wash out at the end of the job. You will need to allocate an area for the driver to wash down the pumping equipment at the end of the job, and dump any surplus concrete which is usually about a third of a cubic metre.

Can I pump any concrete?

No. Concrete pumps will only convey certain types of concrete. They will not work, using for example dry concrete or low cement content mixes. Call us if you would like advice.

How do I order and pay?

Call us by telephone to arrange your pump hire. They are available weekdays and Saturday mornings generally, or out of hours by special arrangement. For regular users you can apply for credit or alternatively pay by card at the point of order.

Payment Types

Can someone meet me on site to have a look and give me some advice?

Yes no problem, it's all part of the service we offer. Call us and we'll be pleased to advise you.